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I would die for peanut butter.

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
12:11 am

What do you do when you don't know what to do? You make a random post on LJ.

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Saturday, December 9th, 2006
3:50 pm - as murphy's law goes...
anyone know of any cars for sale under 1600 bucks? argh. (the cruiser is fine, but dali's car is DOA)

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Saturday, November 11th, 2006
8:51 am
dear lj (and the various people that actually check this out occasionally),

I've neglected you so. yasee, I had a habit of only really posting anything of substance when i was sad or feeling rant-worthy. I have news for you though.

I'm happy.

I'm finally getting around to getting my own apartment, or more technically, moving into our own apartment with Dali. She helps me be happy.

I always used to tell myself "finding a girlfriend isn't going to make you happy, you've got to take care of that part first!". well, apparently for me, that was bullshit. I still get really depressed here and there, but a good cry later and i'm fine. I never used to cry, not more than once every couple years. i think that was my problem. she's the one i finally managed to open up to enough just to sit there and freak out. feels good.

The apartment is "adorable", which by adorable i mean very tiny, but still rather nifty. (it's like 450 sq.ft Max, and other measurements as well!) Hardwood floors, with front and back door, and it's in glendale (sure, the general armenian pisses me off, but at least we can go on midnight walks without bringing a gun?)

ok, in more immediate news, the reason i'm awake this ass-crack-o-dawn early is to go to a first-aid / CPR class. The only thing i need before i pick up my associates. (i've been putting it off for a year for no good reason).

and now i have 4 minutes to get ready because i'm retarded and get distracted by things like LJ. ohboy.

PS. I plan on ceasing my hermit-like lifestyle as soon as possible.

oops. 2 minutes left.

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
9:18 am
life is a funny funny place. Just when everything really does go to hell, and you're screaming 'what the fuck???' at yourself and the rest of the world damn near every day... then suddenly.... or i guess over the course of a year or two. things... just seem to happen right. it doesn't have to be perfect. just right.

and that, as Borat would put it, is "verrra naice"

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
6:43 am - new car
soes.... the beautiful bonne finally got bumped off. I'll miss that he/she like mad... felt kinda like crying at work the whole day after. i get really attached to my cars.

Though it turns out this job thing is pretty cool... means you can actually buy a car without trying to figure out how to scrape some cash together and find yourself a < 1000$ car.

So now i drive.... (and this may be a shock to some, though there are a very few out there that knew this was actually a kind of dream car of mine for a while)

silver PT cruiser limited ed. (It's manual transmission, which means i don't have to push it up my driveway)

for any that know my car history, this might be quite the shock to the system... but i suspect i'll shortly be just as in love with this car as i have been with any of my previously highly-personality filled cars before.

the really cool thing? it doesn't go through various oils and fluids faster than gas. it doesn't seem to want to physically hurt me... and it has heated seats? what the? what i really want is ACed seats... now that would be handy. although, looking outside... it is kinda cold this morning. hah. anyway, time to feed.

current mood: Bleakly Excited

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Saturday, January 14th, 2006
11:47 am
I've come to realize from a random kinda discussion via comments i had... that there are potentially interesting scenarios lined up for me when i die, depending on who's right.

if it's the christians, i'm going to hell
if it's the hindus, i haven't learned much, so i'm prolly coming back a cockroach
if it's the jews, well, too much tradition for me, again, going to sheol
if it's the nihilists... well i guess that doesn't matter anyway
buddhism? at the current rate i'm not sure i'll get my college degree, let alone enlightenment
muslim? yeah... right. i'll go far on that one. *does a shot of vodka*
zoroastrianism? i'm far too tied to my earthly belongings.
confucionism? see buddhism, kinda.
the prerequisits for most other religions/philosophies get pretty repetitive, so i'll spare ya.

moral of the story... fuck it, i'm going back to bed. i'll leave you with these lyrics, from the Tiger Lillies: (if you haven't heard the tiger lillies before, please be aware that they play very happy and jovial sounding tunes, a band playing the instruments: Upright base, accordion, piano?, drums) and if you've ever heard one of the guys in monty python talking in a girls voice, well that's the kinda voice that's singing it all)

I'm crucifying Jesus, banging in the nails,
And I am so happy, because old Jesus failed.
I'm crucifying Jesus, nail him to the cross,
The poor old bastard bleeds to death and I don't give a toss.

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails.

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails.

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails.

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails.

I'm crucifying Jesus, in my piss he bathes.
I think I am a pervert, I think I am depraved
I'm crucifying Jesus, beat him to a pulp,
I stick my organ in his mouth and on it he must gulp.

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails. (etc..)

You see that crown of thorns upon his head?
Well that was my idea.
I think I might be going to hell,
Oh dear!

I'm bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
banging in the nails.

etc. etc..

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Friday, January 6th, 2006
7:00 am
I get to wear a lab coat at work... and i'm the boss of someone. this so fucking rocks.

You see this is all very wierd to me... a real job and all, with allotted vacation days, insurance and a 501k plan.

This is a whole new experience to me you see. it's not that i've never had a job, they've just all been freelance, or like, working for that lady's home business down the street kinda thing.

that lady... chain smoker, ashtray regularily on fire, creepy new-age/exersize freak assistant... a husband that switched between steroids and pot (read: Drop kicking trashcans when gates are left open, and screaming in your face, then sitting back and giggling about the good ol' days back in podunk, buttfuck)

oh yeah... and the goal of that job? data entry, writing the description, and catagorizing 15,000+ different products on sale through a web site held together with chewing gum and dental floss.

The best part was that the husband kept threatening me, "I bet i could go down to UCLA and get some college student to do this work for 4 bucks an hour!".... mind you this is during the dot.com boom where kids in highschool that took a couple computer courses were getting paid like 20-50 bucks an hour.... oh yeah, and they were only paying me 7.

ok enuf of this... i go de-stink.

current mood: asleep

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
10:44 pm
Appearently parents are supposed to watch out for cannibalism in videogames now.

ROCK THE FUCK ON. but where is it? I can't find it... i suspect they mean zombies or vampires. mutherfuckers.

Although i suppose i'd piss my pants laughing if i heard about some 9 year old eating some other kid's hand in school.

which reminds me, i still need to see "Cannibal the musical"

also appearently there's some event going on around the 17/18th-ish called "a john waters christmas"

if i can find a way to be there i so am. i would touch every greasy inch of that sleazeball.

i DESPERATELY wish i could pull of the waters' mustachelinething

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
2:28 pm - will work for money
a real life update

and what not

I've managed to get myself a real job finally. 9-5 (ok 8:30-5) m-f, regular pay etc... as some may know, i've been wanting this for quite some time... but always seemed to just find freelance jobs and work where i work 1-2 hours a day.. at best. so yay for me. maybe i can finally afford to get my car fixed... instead of faith healing (I have faith that she'll heal herself)... and yes i think i've finally figured that my car is female... possibly a tranny... but overall female.

also, i'm finally getting around to getting my AS... it'll be in health sciences... and if i end up not liking what i'm doing now (QA in a water bottling plant) i'll still be poised to go back on the nursing track.

blah.. i'm braindead now though... after getting up at 530am for work (it was a funny schedual day 'cause of school)... i proceeded to come home and play battlefield 2 until 530am. now my brain feels like bad.

ok... blah blah. i go now.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
1:47 pm - going on a rampage
If I get attacked by one more inanimate object i'm going on a fucking rampage.

First, i'm standing still, looking at my computer, and for NO REASON my foot just swings forward into the heavy metal leg of my chair... THEN... as i'm pacing on the phone, my right foot get caught up in a random wire, which trips me, so i catch myself with my left foot... appearently on a cat that suddenly decided it had to be under my feet right then. Of course the cat rips apart the inside of my big toe. fun.

so i go to get the first aid kit, so i can patch up my big toe so i can walk around at work and school tonight... so upon pulling the kit out, the Iron that was in the same cabinet come FLYING out at me... i actually managed to swat it away before getting a pretty pointed owchie in my FACE... speaking of first aid kits... why are there no bandaids for cuts that are an inch and a half long and curved?

ok... so now i'm off to work/learn.


current mood: ow

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
10:54 am
heheh speaking of drugs, i go in for my drug screening for my potential employment... wish me luck?

I shouldn't need it... i've only smoked once in the last month and a half, and that was over 2 weeks ago... but still... it's kinda like getting tested for AIDS when you haven't slept with anyone in a year since the last time you get tested... You know there really is no chance of having it.. but that doesn't make you any less nervous.

wow.... my life sounds so much more sordid than it actually is. I should change that some day.

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8:11 am - sober or junky, it's all the same shit.
If you don't drink, smoke or have sex, it's not that you live longer, it just seems like it.

Ok... I don't have a problem with anyone that does or does not do drugs. I mean, my behaviour is modified according to who i'm around. If you're hung up on heroin/coke/crack, i probably won't leave you unsupervised in my room, or around anything pocket-sized. if you don't do drugs i won't smoke pot around you... etc...

BUT.... i have a really big problem with people that do or do not do drugs and think for some reason it makes them better than other people... If you haven't tried, or don't like some kind of drug, it doesn't make you some super-person with a will of steel, it more than likely just means it's not your thing, and that's respectable... but it sure as hell doesn't make you better than me or even some junky laying in the gutter.

Life holds its own desires for each and every person. I mean... on the junky that manages to maintain... so they don't want to be some well oiled cog of society... they wanna feel happy... sucks that after a while their tolerance goes up, money goes down and it's harder and harder. but how is that different than the person, that works more and more, needing that more expensive car, or support the ever more demanding family...

everyone is the same,
the programmer that really ends up working about 14 hours a day because "that's what programmers do",
the clubber with the ever-expanding list of friends and eventually drama,
the club owner/promoters, breaking their back for the joy of seeing the joy of the masses, (if not the joy than see the money thing previously)
the (enter your cause here) advocate, fighting for a better world... or rather.. .their version of a better world?
the gamer, getting away from life, only to end up pumping more time and effort into a game than they would in real life,
the person "just trying to make ends meet" because those ends are never ending, i promise,

anyway... if i haven't mentioned "you" yet, be assure that i would have if i had a bit more time...

oh... and for anyone that thinks doing a certain drug gives you some kind of badge on your arm that means you've been deeper in the shit of life... that's just bullshit. get over yourself, everyone has their demons, just count yourself lucky to have one that probably feels/felt good occasionally.


oh... and if i ever hear someone call a pothead a junky again, i'll probably throw something heavy and sharp at them. I've never witnessed someone stealing/pawning shit for pot, nor have i heard of anyone having sex with their dealer for pot (not counting the people that would sleep with anyone for the hell of it anyway)

current mood: ranty

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
10:23 am - misty water colored...
Ok ok... i'm a fucking sellout... that "tell me a memory with/of me thing" got to me... so if ya read this... tell me a memory yadda yaddda yadda yatta(heheh).

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
9:55 am
oh yeah.. and wants:
Chason wants to be a mall security guard and yell at punk teenagers
chason wants to know if you wanta still practice
Chason wants to move out of His parents house. (uhm....)

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9:41 am
I only did this needs thing because.. i'm giggling.

Chason needs to take up duties as a full-time holder.(some kinda sports reference)
Chason needs to improve on his 38.6 average.
Chason needs a few new t-shirts n stuff
Chason needs a good one. (you bet!)
Chason needs to have great hang time (of sorts)
Chason needs help with grammar (heehee)
Chason needs me to keep him awake (hahahahahahahahahahahaahhha)

that's all i could find... not surprisingly (-most- of these seem to have been last names btw)

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
2:43 pm - fuck dipping... just leave 'em out.
stale/moist oreos are the BEST.

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Sunday, October 16th, 2005
5:33 am - Yup.. i'm that kinda nerd...
So here it is... My badges, medals, and ribbons... if you know what this is from.. i'll be impressed.
(except for you bekah, you already know what i play every chance i get.)

All Awards (minus stars and purple heart)

and wanna see the really sad part?
Score, Kills, Deaths, and Time
Yes.. the far left digits under time are hours.

for someone who hates war... i sure love war.

current mood: feisty

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Friday, October 14th, 2005
12:40 pm - Play with me?
Let's play a little game called.... name that band/singerperson
(these should be pretty easy kids.... so no google for you!)

1) The band so good they named it twice.

2) The porn star that ended up on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack

3) Brian warner (sorry, i had to)

4) Al Jorgenson + Trent reznor + Jello Biafra = ?

5) Love song about a robot (I suspect there may be more than one answer to this)

c'mon.. you know you wanna play with me...

ok... that's all for now, as i really gotta vamanos...

current mood: hungry

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8:15 am - we all knew it already didn't we?
But now it's been scientifically proved in a test at Cornell University:

Men that are accused of being insecure voiced fervent support of the war in Iraq, and SUVs.
(Source: Scientific American Mind)

current mood: really trying to be awake...

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
9:56 pm
alright... so a post a post... my kingdom for a post.

whoever gives me something (anything really) for my kingdom sure is getting the shit end of the deal. Although i do have a pretty decent computer.

first off:


yes... i was listening to them again.

I realize that when it comes down to it... everyone wants to get a job so they can fuck... at least, socio-evolutionarily speaking. But for me, it's quite literal at the moment... go figger.

well ok that's not the only reason i want a job... after reading 'fuck' as "move in with the one you love and finally create your own goddamned life", i also want a job because I want higher quality at higher framerates in Battlefield 2. Anyone got some spare Geil pc400 RAM they wanna give me? I'd be willing to be a personal slave really.. as long as it didn't involve doing anything that would lead to infidelity...

I make really good mac 'n cheese, as well as tuna fish salad/sandwich stuff...

current mood: tired/manic

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